Why group programmes can be great for your health

Functional Foundation Programme

Functional Medicine focuses on the individual. What is happening in their whole body, not just one area? What ripple effect will certain treatments have on them specifically? What is their holistic human experience? While the application of Functional Medicine is bespoke to the individual, patients can benefit from learning and implementing techniques in a group environment.

The emotional and practical benefits accelerate progress towards improved health and overall wellbeing.

The benefit of similar experience

When dealing with a health issue, having a support network can be priceless, especially when going through the process of making changes to adapt to a health condition. Interacting with those who have similar experiences improves general wellbeing. Confidence and self-esteem are often knocked down during the process of trying to get support through conventional means. A supportive environment can heal that.

Insights into unique perspectives

With an understanding that everyone’s experience of a certain condition is unique, group programmes give patients insights into others’ experiences. This increases their knowledge of the condition and gives them a chance to trade advice. Collective knowledge is more powerful than individual knowledge alone.

Increase motivation and accountability

Health programmes are some of the most challenging to stick with. The changes made aren’t surface-level or necessarily fun. However, they are essential for improved health and wellbeing. Patients could be juggling the negative effects of their condition while trying new ways to deal with the root-cause. That’s not easy! A group environment provides support and keeps everyone energised and accountable, even when some individuals may be struggling.

Should you go for individual or group support?

There are benefits to both. That’s why we offer both. It’s important you make the right decision for you, depending on your understanding of yourself and your health condition. Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision.

What level of understanding do you have of your health condition?

If you’re still in the process of figuring out what exactly is causing your negative symptoms, it’s probably better to go with individual support so you can get that confirmed. When you start implementing Functional Medicine and autoimmune protocol strategies, it’s best to know what your body is dealing with.

What support network do you have now?

Having people to talk to who understand what you’re going through is really valuable to staying motivated and on track. You might already have people in your life that are great supporters. If not, you can gain connections who you check in with weekly through a group programme.

How do you learn best?

Learning about your body, your health and the therapeutic techniques of Functional Medicine and the autoimmune protocol diet is key to achieving positive change. You might prefer to digest that information privately. Or you might engage better in an interactive environment that, while isn’t specific to you, gives you the main information you need.

How are you finding implementation?

You might find that individual support was a great start but you need extra support with applying the principles of Functional Medicine and autoimmune protocol to your day-to-day life. The group environment can help keep you on track and provide the support you need to thrive.

As with everything in Functional Medicine, there is no one right answer. Your path forward should be bespoke to you and your needs. Group programmes are often dismissed as cheaper options when really they offer a unique experience that is beneficial to many. Now you have a better understanding of your options, consider what one is right for you.

To learn more about what our group programme The Functional Foundation Programme involves, read its dedicated page. Over 10 weeks, you’ll learn the essential knowledge behind functional medicine and the autoimmune protocol diet alongside extra support.

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