We uncover and treat the root causes of disease

Functional medicine can be used to treat a wide range of conditions and diseases. It is safe, effective and beneficial to those who want to achieve an improved state of health and prevent future illness, as well as those who are suffering from a chronic condition and taking multiple medications.

Which approach is right for you?

Our Doctor-led Virtual Functional Medicine Clinic

Becoming a clinic patient allows you to work directly with our experienced team of Doctors to look for the root-causes of health problems. We will discuss your health goals and history and work with you to create a bespoke therapeutic plan to help treat the underlying issues creating your problems and optimise metabolic functioning.

The Online Functional Foundation Programme

Our 10-week online programme is written by Dr Sarah in collaboration with Health Coach and behavioural change expert Joanne Grobbelaar. Our aim is to help you optimise your diet and support long term healthy behavioural changes, building a solid foundation for wellbeing and health improvements.

Our online classes of 1 hour per week are designed to enable everyone to participate, contribute and learn in a safe, motivating and supportive setting. This is complemented by our weekly online check-ins to help with accountability, trouble-shooting and extra materials to help you achieve your goals and overcome challenges.

Bookings for our brand new Programme staring January 2023 will be opening soon. Please contact the Clinic for more details or to secure your place.

The foundations of good health lie in a healthy diet, quality sleep, low stress and relaxation and an appropriate movement programme. Even before we have access to your test results, our expert Nutritional therapy team can help you start your journey towards better health.

Symptoms we can help with

Digestive problems Neurological symptoms Hormonal issues Skin problems Mental health problems Fatigue

Empowering you to heal & grow

“Dr Sarah is the number 1 functional medicine doctor in the UK. Sarah’s skill and ability give patients clear guidelines, tools and directions. I have witnessed how patients go from feeling hopeless to optimal health and thriving at life.”

Joanne Grobbelaar, Business Coach

“Dr Sarah is that person who is able to give answers and get to the bottom of my issues. I have a clear understanding of what’s happening and what’s going on and more importantly how I can help myself to get better. Since seeing Sarah my sight has returned in one of my eyes and my joint pain is very minimal. I feel like I’ve won the lottery!”

Mrs CP

“For the first time in my life I felt really ‘heard’ by a doctor, rather than my symptoms being dismissed. I felt like I had found someone who could actually care for me, as me, as a human being and not just isolated body parts or medical conditions.”

Mrs CL, Switzerland

“I want to express my thanks and gratitude to Dr Davies for her guidance, knowledge and insight which has helped me help myself. A truly exceptional Doctor who has given me my life back.”

Mrs AB, Stockport

“The fact that I now have the knowledge about my own health is reassuring and the ability to discuss concerns/results with a health professional at length really was beneficial. Having someone to listen made all the difference to me and Dr Sarah’s approach was uplifting in itself.”

57 year-old male

“I came away feeling that there was hope, I’d been believed and listened to.”

54 year-old female

“As a qualified GP and Private Functional Doctor, I trust her because she is an incredibly knowledgeable expert who not only cares but actively listens and then looks for the causes of your disease rather than simply silencing symptoms.”

Mrs DW, Stockport

“My case hasn’t been very straightforward at all, and she has done amazing problem solving, with my interests and wellbeing always in mind. She has often reassured me that we will ‘keep looking’ – and this has really paid off. I am extremely grateful for this.”

30 year-old female

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