Our New Patient packages have been carefully designed to cater to the needs of the majority of our clinic patients. Every patient is supported by a member of our expert Functional Medicine doctor team alongside one of our experienced Nutritional Therapists. Long experience has shown that a minimum of a new patient consultation, functional testing and doctor review with results is key to developing a bespoke plan tailored to the needs of each individual. Alongside this, support from our team of Therapists is key to successful implementation of our diet and lifestyle-based Treatment plans.

Please do contact the clinic if you wish to know more about our appointment options and our Patient Pathway Co-ordinator Mrs Samantha Vickers will be happy to advise you.

For patients transferring from other practitioners (with lots of tests to read), please let us know your individual circumstances and we will be able to tailor a consultation to your needs. Please note, there may occasionally be an extra fee for reading extensive notes or previous tests prior to the initial clinic appointment.

After each appointment, you will receive a written Report of the consultation and a holistic treatment plan with supporting literature. Our team of therapists specialise in supporting patients to work through the plans and adapt treatment options to make them practical and further personalised for each individual.

Full written reports from each consultation and email aftercare (2 short emails per appointment), are offered as standard. Where more support is required, additional interim appointments are also available.

Online Clinic Appointments:

Fee Update January 2023

Consists of:

  • Two Functional Medicine doctor appointments (60-75 minutes as needed), for an initial consultation and follow up at around 10 weeks to review test results and progress with the treatment protocol.
  • Three Nutritional Therapist support sessions (60 minutes each). One to accompany each doctor appointment with a third to be booked flexibly as needed within the first three to four months of starting the treatment plan.
  • Two short support emails are offered with each full practitioner appointment to support any need for clarification or troubleshooting with each treatment plan.

To find out more about the tests detailed below please see our Testing page.

Please note, Functional testing (including phlebotomy) is an additional investment and for most patients will cost around £750 (around £835 for under 18’s).

Bespoke arrangements for large volumes of notes or panels to review are available on request. Nutritionist sessions may be swapped for health coaching sessions with our Psychotherapist and Health Coach Karen Butler where indicated.

On booking you will be invoiced for for the initial payment for new patient package of £995.00. Secure payment is taken online.

Prior to your first appointment, your balancing payment for the full treatment plan will due and invoiced.

Online review appointment 60-75 minutes as needed

  • Online review appointment 45 minutes with our Consultant Endocrinologist Dr Clementina La Rosa.
  • Dr Clementina offers advice and prescriptions for Bioidentical HRT, Thyroid Replacement therapy and other General Endocrine enquiries.
  • Please note that Endocrine clinic appointments are an add-on to our Functional Medicine clinic services and cannot be booked without review through the new patient package
  • 15-minute doctor appointment to review the last treatment plan and to decide on testing
  • Summary of testing recommendation and support organising
  • 1-hour doctor appointment to review tests and create a new treatment plan
  • 1 Treatment planning session with nutrition therapist to implement the plan
  • Only Bookable if recommended by your practitioner
  • Online brief review of simple tests or troubleshooting (30 minutes)
  • Only bookable if recommended by your practitioner.
  • May be recommended if longer clinical queries are sent to the clinic instead of a written response.
  • 60 minutes. Includes discussion of the current treatment protocol with input from the Functional Medicine doctor team where necessary.

Other Services:

  • Phlebotomy anywhere in the UK for adults through our partner MSS – £75
  • Private prescription – £25
  • Postage and Packing for small items and test kits – £5.50

For Test Menu with prices please see our Tests page

Payment and cancellation fees:

On booking you will be invoiced for for the initial payment for new patient package of £995.00. Secure payment is taken online.

Prior to your first appointment, your balancing payment for the full treatment plan will due and invoiced.

We usually require a minimum of 1 week to change an appointment date. If a clinic session is cancelled within 1 week of the scheduled appointment or for on the day non-attendance then fees will be as follows:

  • Doctor appointment Cancellation Fee – £250
  • Nutritional Therapist / Health Coaching appointment Cancellation Fee – £100

Patients who repeatedly miss appointments or reschedule at short notice more than twice may be asked to pay the full fee. Please do bear in mind that we will typically see only 3-4 patients a day and a last minute cancellation is not often possible for us to fill.

Please Note: Fees may be subject to change although notice will generally be given.