Get answers to frequently asked questions about functional medicine and what to expect from the treatment.

I have a cancer diagnosis and would like to use a Functional Medicine approach to tackle this, can the clinic help?

We would never turn any patient away based on a cancer diagnosis and have supported many patients after cancer to regain their health and to reduce recurrence risk through natural means. However, we wish to stress that our nutritional and lifestyle advice should not be used in place of expert advice from your doctors. For patients wishing to use alternative therapies or repurposed medicines for cancer, we are able to recommend more specialist Functional Medicine practitioners skilled in this area.

I want to optimise my performance as an elite athlete – can the Health optimisation clinic help me with this?

While improvements in nutrition, sleep, stress and inflammation are of benefit to everyone, our clinic is not set up to support high end sports performance at present. If you would like a recommendation for another FM doctor who can offer this specialist advice, we would be more than happy to recommend an expert Functional Medicine colleague.