Dr Katharina Gruboeck


Her 20+ year career as a GP is an accumulation of Dr Katharina’s passion for helping others as well as her fascination with how the body works. While she still dedicates a couple of days a week to the NHS practice she has been part of for 17 years, Dr Katharina has followed her desire to expand the way she works with patients. 

To her, Functional Medicine is an opportunity to conduct thorough detective work, discovering the reason behind health issues and prescribing personalised root-cause solutions. She is particularly interested in metabolic issues such as dementia and diabetes due to personal experience and their increasing prevalence in society. 

Dr Katharina is excited to be part of the Functional Nexus Clinic because she gets to work with and learn from a team of doctors and healthcare professionals, building her expertise in this groundbreaking field. She kicked off her journey into integrative medicine in 2020 by taking the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Foundation course. Since then she has become a member and trainee with the British Society of Ecological Medicine and has completed training with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

When she isn’t seeing patients, you can find Dr Katharina enjoying sports including running and tennis, cooking proper food (often underappreciated by her family!), walking her dog or enjoying pieces of artwork.