Dr Cressida Crabtree

MBChB (Hons), BsC (Hons) Biology, MRCGP (2017) , AFMCP (2022)

Dr Cressida decided to become a GP because she wants to help a diverse community of people. She has worked as a GP in the NHS since 2017 but she felt the need to offer more to patients with the most complex needs. That’s when she discovered Functional Medicine. 

Her journey into medicine started with a biology degree from the University of Manchester in 2002, followed by earning her medical degree from the University of Liverpool in 2007 and completing her GP training in Stockport in 2017. She has also served her community by working in a hospice, as a Macmillan GP and in unplanned pregnancy services. 

While working as a GP, she realised the toll the conventional medicine approach can take on patient health because of the focus on managing symptoms instead of looking for the why. Functional Medicine has given her the opportunity to uncover the why. Dr Cressida has completed the AFMCP at The Institute of Functional Medicine and was one of Dr Sarah’s first students in her Functional Medicine training programme. 

She’s most excited to spend quality time with patients so that they feel heard and she can take the time to listen, build an understanding of complex issues and give patients hope that a happier and healthier future is possible. 

On a personal level, Dr Cressida is part of the Greater Manchester community and when she’s not spending time with her husband and three children, you’ll find her running or doing yoga.