Butekyo Breathing

The Buteyko Method – Breathwork sessions with Laura

The Buteyko Method – Breathwork sessions with Laura

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Improve Sleep Disorders
  • Manage Asthma & other breathing conditions

Developed in 1952 by Ukrainian Medical Doctor Konstantin Butekyo, this breathing technique consists of a series of breathing exercises specifically designed to reduce over-breathing (clinically known as ‘chronic hyperventilation’). A commonly held belief is that taking deep, full, big breaths is beneficial for health, however this over-breathing can actually constrict blood vessels and airways, worsening the symptoms of numerous conditions. The Buteyko method corrects breathing patterns, calms both mind and body and is proven to help with sleep disorders (including snoring and sleep apnoea), asthma, hayfever, anxiety, panic & depression and can also help to lower blood pressure.

Laura provides practical Buteyko Breathwork sessions guiding patients in understanding and implementing the Buteyko method to achieve relief from their symptoms.

Packages are based on 3 x 30 minute appointments and can be taken weekly or fortnightly (subject to availability). Please book via the clinic at a cost of £195 per 3 session package.

Additional packages can be booked as required.