Autoimmune Disease

Using Functional Medicine to treat Autoimmune Disease

Due to the problems of the modern diet, chronic life stresses, lack of exercise and the toxic burden of an industrialised environment, autoimmunity (where the body’s own immune system attacks itself), is part of the global rise in chronic disease.

Dr Sarah has first-hand experience of the efficacy of Functional Medicine in her own health. She developed arthritis in her teens and at 19 suffered from a paralysing autoimmune condition (Guillame-Barre Syndrome), from which she fortunately made a full recovery. More recently she has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune thyroid disease. Despite this she is able to live a pain-free, active and happy life. She is passionate about making the simple and life-changing Functional Medicine interventions available to fellow autoimmune disease sufferers.

Getting to the root cause of Autoimmune disease

The current standard therapy offered to sufferers of autoimmune arthritis, psoriasis, colitis and many other diseases, is medication to suppress the immune system. While this may be effective, and even life-saving, these drugs can also weaken vital immune system defences against infections or may increase cancer risk. Functional Medicine offers many patients the opportunity to avoid or come off these drugs using the principal of identification of the root causes of these diseases.

Our clinic has now helped hundreds of patients reduce or reverse their autoimmune problems without the need for potentially harmful medications. For an introduction to Functional medicine approaches to tackling autoimmunity we recommend Dr Amy Myers excellent book on this topic ‘The Autoimmune Solution’.

We have a tailor-made approach for all our patients. However, for our clinic, the principals of reversal of autoimmunity always include:

  • Finding the right diet for you
  • Optimisation of nutritional status
  • Improvements in gut function and microbiome (the important bacteria populating the gut)
  • Reduction of inflammation and chronic infections
  • Stress reduction
  • Healthy movement and exercise

If this sounds like the treatment plan you want to use for your autoimmune problems, then book into clinic to speak with our expert team.