Does what you eat influence your health?

Functional Foundation Programme

The short answer is yes. What this means in practice is a bit more complex. You see, eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day doesn’t really give a full picture of a healthy diet and lifestyle. You could be getting healthy nutrients from those fruits and vegetables but alongside them you may also be eating ...

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Evolution of Medicine Talk

Dr Sarah gave a talk at the respected Evolution of Medicine Functional Forum, sharing her experience on how functional medicine is leading the way towards a new standard of care.

Tired and fatigued all the time?

We all get tired – it’s part of the usual consequences of vigorous exercise, long days, too little sleep or that ‘slump’ in the afternoons when blood sugar starts to run low. However, for many reasons, tiredness can worsen and develop into persistent symptoms of fatigue. This symptom of feeling either physically or mentally exhausted (even when well rested), is not a normal part of getting older and is a sign that something is wrong.