With the right tools, everyone can enjoy better health. We are here to guide your journey.

Dr Sarah and her expert Functional Medicine team can work with you to develop bespoke treatment plans, helping to promote health and vitality.

Dr Sarah Davies

MBChB, MRCGP, IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
Dr Sarah created her Functional Medicine clinic in 2016 with the aim of empowering and educating patients to take control of, and optimise their health through diet and lifestyle changes, alongside traditional medical care where required. She is a passionate educator of both patients and practitioners, and believes that understanding the root-causes of illness is essential when planning the journey …
Dr Sarah Davies

Dr Clementina La Rosa

As our specialist in looking after women’s reproductive, thyroid and metabolic health, Dr Clementina has an expert understanding of how hormones, body and mind play a role in achieving optimal health. While being a consultant paediatrician and endocrine specialist, she appreciates how all systems are interconnected and how Functional Medicine enables the comprehensive exploration of the whole body to search …
Dr Clementina La Rosa

Dr. Michael Cameron

MBChB MRCGP MPC IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
Dr Michael is an experienced Functional Medicine doctor and medical generalist, keen to use the holistic approach to complement conventional medicine because of its focus on root cause treatment and long-term management of conditions. With 30 years of experience as a doctor, he is able to build strong therapeutic relationships with his patients whether discussing physical or psychological factors.  He …
Dr. Michael Cameron

Dr Rosie Walwyn

MbchB, MRCPsych and Afmcp
Working in the psychiatry department, Dr Rosie noticed how much health was siloed. She couldn’t help but wonder whether the physical symptoms her psychiatry patients reported were related to their mental health. It wasn’t until she discovered Functional Medicine that she found an approach that aligned with her experience. Now she can look at everything often finding common underlying causes …
Dr Rosie Walwyn

Dr Katharina Gruboeck

Her 20+ year career as a GP is an accumulation of Dr Katharina’s passion for helping others as well as her fascination with how the body works. While she still dedicates a couple of days a week to the NHS practice she has been part of for 17 years, Dr Katharina has followed her desire to expand the way she …
Dr Katharina Gruboeck

The Clinic Story

With a longstanding active interest in nutrition, Dr Sarah began to look for more natural and non-drug based ways to help herself and her family with their health problems. After seeing the benefits of the functional approach in practice at home and with her NHS patients, she decided to train in Functional Medicine.

Dr Sarah is one of a small number of fully certified Functional Medicine doctors in the UK, and combines her experience from over 18 years as an NHS doctor with her training in Functional Medicine from the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine based in the US.

The original Functional Medicine clinic was opened in 2016 and has grown steadily. Dr Sarah now leads a Multi-disciplinary team including fellow Functional Medicine Practitioners Dr Michael Cameron, Dr Nirusa Kumaran and Dr Rosie Walwyn and Consultant Endocrinologist Dr Clementina La Rosa alongside expert Nutritional Therapists, Kelli Tassi, Laura Johnson and Dalbinder Baines and a Health Coach, psychotherapist and Journey Practitioner Karen Butler. The clinic doctors use their knowledge of general medicine alongside their training in nutrition, genomics and lifestyle medicine to help a wide range of patients with chronic health conditions to restore and optimise their health.

The Clinic passionately promotes the importance of nutrition and lifestyle in shaping and optimising health -preferring this approach over medications to mask symptoms wherever possible. We have many successes treating patients with autoimmunity, thyroid problems, chronic fatigue and many other issues using these techniques.

After seeing the amazing benefits of the functional approach in practice both at home and with her NHS patients, she decided to train in Functional Medicine.

The clinic views educating and empowering patients to take control of their own health as essential for success. It is often the efforts of the patient themselves which has the biggest impact when working in this field.

We advocate the use of advanced nutritional and hormonal screening tests, to inform our holistic Functional treatment plans. Using cutting edge diagnostics we drill down to understand the root causes of chronic disease.

Our practitioners continually work to expand their knowledge and understanding by joining together as a team and with like-minded practitioners from all over the world in continuing professional development.

Meet the rest of the team

Dr Sarah’s team of specialists and experts are at the heart of the clinic’s work.

Sam Vickers

Patient Care Co-ordinartor

Joanne Pigott


Simon Conlin

Admin Team

Chloe Rutter

Admin Team

Laura Johnson

Nutritional Therapist

Kelly Tassi

Nutritional Therapist

Dalbinder Bains

Nutritional Therapist

Karen Butler

Health Coach
“The journey towards optimal health has to start from where each of us finds ourselves now. Change is not always easy, but once the benefits are felt, the encouragement to continue gathers momentum.”

— Dr Sarah Davies

“Dr Sarah is the number 1 functional medicine doctor in the UK. Sarah’s skill and ability give patients clear guidelines, tools and directions. I have witnessed how patients go from feeling hopeless to optimal health and thriving at life.”

Joanne Grobbelaar, Business Coach

“Dr Sarah is that person who is able to give answers and get to the bottom of my issues. I have a clear understanding of what’s happening and what’s going on and more importantly how I can help myself to get better. Since seeing Sarah my sight has returned in one of my eyes and my joint pain is very minimal. I feel like I’ve won the lottery!”

Mrs CP

“For the first time in my life I felt really ‘heard’ by a doctor, rather than my symptoms being dismissed. I felt like I had found someone who could actually care for me, as me, as a human being and not just isolated body parts or medical conditions.”

Mrs CL, Switzerland

“I want to express my thanks and gratitude to Dr Davies for her guidance, knowledge and insight which has helped me help myself. A truly exceptional Doctor who has given me my life back.”

Mrs AB, Stockport

“The fact that I now have the knowledge about my own health is reassuring and the ability to discuss concerns/results with a health professional at length really was beneficial. Having someone to listen made all the difference to me and Dr Sarah’s approach was uplifting in itself.”

57 year-old male

“I came away feeling that there was hope, I’d been believed and listened to.”

54 year-old female

“As a qualified GP and Private Functional Doctor, I trust her because she is an incredibly knowledgeable expert who not only cares but actively listens and then looks for the causes of your disease rather than simply silencing symptoms.”

Mrs DW, Stockport

“My case hasn’t been very straightforward at all, and she has done amazing problem solving, with my interests and wellbeing always in mind. She has often reassured me that we will ‘keep looking’ – and this has really paid off. I am extremely grateful for this.”

30 year-old female

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